Hello, my name is Sergey Komardenkov.

I am an Interaction Designer with a passion for Human-Centered Design,
applying both tangible and digital approaches in my work.

Project for Tele2

Helping in embracing human-centered design approach.

Project for mos.ru

Designing an app for tourists and business travelers.

Educational work

Teaching design thinking and raising creative confidence.

Tesla Says

Tangible interaction you cannot see.

Sounding Slackline

Making music by walking on a rope.

Let Me Show

When words alone are not enough to tell the story.
Final Project @ CIID IDP 2015.

Heat Harvest

Converting waste heat from everyday objects into electricity.
In collaboration with Art Rebels Design studio and IKEA.

Transparent Donation

New, interactive way of seeing how your contribution to a cause is being put to use.


Expanding your vocabulary through literary references.


A good way to meet new friends and explore new places together.


Interactive educational tool that explains the nature of allergies.

Tangible Rhythm

Haptic conversation in a dance.


Objective discussion mediator who can help find the right solution.


Organize and keep memories of time spent together with friends and family.

Culture Connect Copenhagen

Bringing together locals and newcomers to exchange their knowledge and help learn about each other's cultures.


My name is Sergey Komardenkov. I am an Interaction Designer from Moscow, Russia.
I like working with and for people to find their real needs and direct my design process towards meaningful solutions. I find interest in both tangible and digital design approaches, and when it comes time to merge the two I enjoy getting my hands into coding and circuitry to make magic happen.

How I see things

I see the world constantly changing, which makes us adapt to new social and technical realities. I welcome these changes, but I also see unnecessary complexities that get introduced along the way. On top of that, while some benefit from these technological and social advances, many others around the world are still left without help when facing basic needs.

I believe that Human-centered design can help us solve some of these problems and create products and services which we all can benefit from. These products will allow us to be human, both towards ourselves and each other.

To achieve that I like to listen to people and learn from them, and then apply this knowledge to create digital and tangible solutions for their real needs.

Path to Interaction Design

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and began my professional career as programmer and database architect. Then followed a switch to User Interface Design after I became more interested in what people actually do and think about when they use digital products. To expand my knowledge I went to study at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) which allowed me to pick up tangible product design skills as well as to learn more about how digital products and services are made.


I have a long-time passion for swing dancing and Jazz music, which led me to start playing tenor saxophone. I also enjoy photography and travel - something I often combine to meet new people, experience new cultures and places, and capture these moments both in my memory and in the memory of my photo camera. My other passion is acting - I am a member of an amateur Theater studio "MostLab" in Moscow, Russia. I enjoy sports - running, cross-country skiing, and snowboard.


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Work Experiecne:

Lead User Researcher, Lecturer
Lab Wonderfull

01/2016 – current

Interaction Designer, Teacher

12/2015 – current

Usability Engineer and GUI Designer

09/2013 – 12/2014

Programmer and Database Architect

02/2011 – 08/2013

Junior Software Developer (Internship)

09/2009 – 02/2010


Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Interaction Design Student (~MA)

01/2015 - 12/2015

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Student (B.Sc in Information Technology)

09/2007 - 12/2010

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